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Dannah Pe Dannah 0: Remember how Sonam Kapoor’s character in Khooburat felt upon entering the royal palace? Strings have discovered such wonderful talents of the artists that I have become an even bigger fan of them. According to her, Rohail Hyatt was a bit intense; his style of working was serious and sober. Want to watch more videos for this song?

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We have emailed you a change of email request. Rizvi feels the music industry lacks streamlining and systematic irzvi of promotion due to which many singers come and go without leaving a mark and the only the lucky ones get recognition. To watch videos non-fullscreen: Agar aap ne feel ker ke dil se nahi gaya tou mai guarantee ker rahi hun wo gana hit nahi hoga.

The starlet was busy dressing since she dane pe dana by komal rizvi a recording to go to so I was asked to wait. The original beat pattern of Washmalay is African, given its Makrani origin; however the Coke Studio arrangement has employed a percussion arrangement in a fusion of eastern and western styles. But one thing she found common between both the producers was the fact that they are all in for artistic freedom.

Washmallay – Episode 2 – Season 7 – Coke Studio Pakistan

She’s ready to make her film debut, but is waiting for ‘her’ kind of roles’ – until then she is singing her heart out. Komal shares that Strings had given her a list of around six songs they thought she could perform well on which included semi classics and old numbers.


Remember your video choices. Although Komal is an optimist at heart she feels that Pakistan has only a few things to feel proud about with music topping the list. Ayesha Ahmad Updated Dec 19, Watch artist interviews here.

Joining them is an expert voice actor Momin Durrani, whose expertise in regional languages made him ideal to take on the track. Log in to watch more. Log in with Facebook. After lomal a VJ, TV host, an actor and singer, the celebrity feels that it’s about time she try acting in movies now and is open to ‘her kind of roles’.

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The singer feels that this season has been a great success. Exotic chandeliers, larger than life paintings of Arabic calligraphy, the exquisite decoration pieces, the lavish furniture -everything had me mesmerized.

Listen & view Komal Rizvi’s lyrics & tabs

Are you certain you want to delete this board? Always play videos fullscreen. You’ve reached the daily limit of 10 videos. The multifaceted artist is of the opinion that audiences today have become so smart and clever that they can pinpoint and instantly tell if the artist is performing devotedly or not.

We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly. Hence, the artists working with him also felt the same vibes and tended to lean in the same direction. Make my profile public at. The majestic experience of this track is only enhanced by the beautiful sound of the magnificent three-stringed damboora, and the delightful banjo, that arrive in this song like the return of a long-lost loved one.


Lyrics/Translation of Dannah Pah Danna by Akhtar Channal and Komal Rizvi – –

Rizvi entered the scene as a budding singer when she released her first dama ‘Saathiya’ in The lyrical content of the song presents itself in a layered manner that transcends the evolution of time and music.

She kept taking selfies with almost everything? Click this button to skip to the next video. Dannah Pe Dannah 0: Finally, the repetition of Washmalay is set to delicate variations strewn within the music and amplified by Tanveer Tafu. Little did she know at that time that dane pe dana by komal rizvi drama she was working in just for fun would turn out to be such a huge success.