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wallpapers are free to get. but sometimes you cannot even find them. because there are too many bullshit websites that cannot give you actual wallpaper to download. but we are different. so please, be our guest.



Anonymous January 29, at 6: Anonymous July 19, at 4: Anonymous May 19, at 4: Fucking ignorant trying hard fuckers.!!! Tuhu Sobiron February 1, at Anonymous October 12, at 6:

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Dota 6.78c Download

Is Bugs for “-nn no necronomicon ” still exist? In all seriousness why does lion have his ult cooldown on 20s isn’t that a free kill every 20 seconds now c’mon that just sucks its already hard to kill a lion with all his dota allstars 6.78c ai and now we got a 20s finger lion seriously is too much: Anonymous December 15, at 9: Anonymous October dota allstars 6.78c ai, at 6: Anonymous July 16, at 8: Anonymous February 21, at 6: Andri Setiawan September 30, at 2: Anonymous March 1, at 2: Anonymous September 17, at 4: SDN Pedurungan kidul 01 July 6, at Americans know so many strategies, but they can’t apply it in the game.


Tuhu Sobiron February 1, at Anonymous January 29, at 6: D its doesn’t mean that if your famous your successful. Wala sigurong pamilya kaya wala kang humor haha Just don’t make him fat.

DotA c AI e Map (Official Map by PlayDotA AI Team) – DotA-Blog

Aldrich Matthew Domingo January 29, at 1: Anonymous Xi 5, at 2: Improve the casting speed of Lina Inverse’s stun. Anonymous September 15, at 9: Anonymous October 15, at 5: Subscribe Get the latest updates by dota allstars 6.78c ai Anonymous November 16, at 2: As for Slark, he is squishy so without the alllstars he’ll just be a feed.

Anonymous February 15, at 6: Anonymous September 29, at 3: I would like to try it someday Anonymous October 8, at 7: Top Posts DotA 6.

He now abandon us. PLS make awesome heroes in 6.

Anonymous June 23, at Karinkishi Rindomiritakaari February 3, at That’s the end line. Please do sllstars an armor for wisp or maybe increase it’s strength.