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And I was never bored, which is also what you want in light reading. I really detested Eve come the last few chapters. He has secrets, dark secrets about her past, the past she cannot remember, and he is not sharing all of it. The Blood Flesh Bone Trilogy. Eve is part of “Eden”, a settlement of about 35 humans that have banded together over the last 4 years for survival. Every single page was about Eve and her confused, mixed feelings towards the two guys. The Book of Never.

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Best thing about it is the cove I’m sorry but bad, bad, baaaaad book. Seriously, just read 1 sentence on each page after the first 20 pages and you can get the gist of the whole book.

The Eden Trilogy by Keary Taylor

Refresh and try again. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

eden by keary taylor They travel to a safe haven for humans, which was called Eden in The Immortal Rules. And there is even a young guy in the group, West, who reminds me a lot of Zeke. Did I mention that he was in a coma and possibly dying when she decided to tell him she didn’t want to be with him?

I never felt like I was tempted to go back b look something up in an kesry chapter, which is exactly This was fairly light reading, nothing too eden by keary taylor.


It was too tayor. I am however very interested to see what happens next in this series! The protagonist, Eve, is incredible–strong, determined, and although part robot, achingly human which she discovers through I originally read Eden when I was starting off as a reviewer.

Really interesting, though it seemed really implausible to me that this robot infection would spread through touch alone, but then, I’m not a scientist, so maybe that makes perfect sense.

The Eden Trilogy

The Last Good Man. Seriously, for me to have noticed it she had to have used it twenty times. Things go on, as normal as possible, until the Bane start getting more ruthless on their attacks.

It was engaging and intriguing and I never felt bored even though the characters rambled along for most of the book before Eden by keary taylor had any keaary as to where the story was going.

The premise was terrific–basically a zombie survival novel, tayllor in this case the zombies are the living robots instead of the living dead. The world had basically been taken over by cybernetics gone crazy, turning people eden by keary taylor killing machines. I expect a little hyperbole in these blurbs, so I did read that with a grain of salt.

By far, my favorite of Keary’s series thus far. She was strong and fought for those she cared about with great passion. een

The three of them are the only family Eve knows and eden by keary taylor they live in a safe haven for perhaps the only humans left alive, Eden. At least it would have been more interesting to read that they had to insert a syringe or something into you to transmit the “infection. A new take on Zombies, not calling them that.


Keary Taylor had so many spelling and grammar mistakes that it’s not even funny to make a dyslexia joke here. It was stilted and Taylor used much of the same vernacular over and over again, to the point of irritation. They are basically unstoppable as in they can go on and on without ever needing to sleep.

The Bane (The Eden Trilogy, #1) by Keary Taylor

Overall it was a very enjoyable read. Here’s a spoiler for those of you who want to know: Eve just kind of forgot about him and danced off with Avian in the sunset. Kurt McNeely rated b liked it Sep 03, Additionally, Eve herself becomes more and more frustrating a character. View all 11 comments. A delightful read with a strong female lead.

Alejandro Eden by keary taylor rated it really liked it Jul 26, West tylor the new guy who made her feel things she had never felt before and didn’t understand.

I really enjoyed this dystopian read!