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This adds to the grey area of development activities going outside the defence budget. I have added some examples to the sources box of some debates and columns which indicate this trend. There are set rules governing promotions and time in position seniority [3]. While there have been various cases of corruption involving senior officials in land scams [2,3], there is no specific information available on corruption during deployment. A score of 4 would need strong justification and sources, and I could find no public evidence that there is an actively implemented policy which is explicit to the defence sector. This means that the committees can only offer recommendations, given they have no influence over the internal mechanisms of the armed forces. Supplier registration, contract implementation and asset disposal are carried out by the Directorate General Defence Purchase DGDP [1]; proceedings are not made public.

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Procurement rules are similar on a provincial level, with varying effectiveness of grievance redressal mechanisms across departments.

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As at 29 Augustthere were no updates available about this. According to media reports between -the MoD has been accused of estacode 2013 pakistan following: Pakistan has signed some of the instruments at international level but the lack of true implementation has led to ineffectiveness.

Off-budget military expenditures are those that are not formally authorised within a country’s official defence budget, often considered to operate through the ‘back-door’. Military pensions, like all civil pension payments, are off-budget expenditures [3].


Pakistan Petroleum and Production Rules, Download 9. There is no conscription in Pakistan. There appears to be a complaint cell at the interior ministry [4] but nothing similar at the provincial level or the defence estacode 2013 pakistan. The Pakistan Penal Code of penalises bribery as an offence. For example, the most recent deal involving procurement of Chinese submarines [3], contains limited information and it states that government officials did not provide any details, even declining to confirm the size of the transaction.

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It is likely that anti-corruption is not a priority [2]. The National Accountability Bureau has made many public commitments to anti-corruption and politicians also repeat this rhetoric. So far as can be determined, the individual service HQs prepare procurement lists and priorities; this process is not transparent.

Several statements from the opposition indicate that there might be lack of scrutiny of military businesses. Harvard University Press, There are no recent reports. Specific information about compliance 2103 the ATT articles 7.

They operate under the executive powers of the federal government. The findings of internal audit reports are not transparent. On the other hand, media does have access to this information, and mainly through PEMRA, the media regulatory authority. Is there evidence, for example through media investigations estacode 2013 pakistan prosecution reports, of a penetration of organised crime into the defence and security sector?

The Freedom of Information Ordinance of was enacted to ensure transparency by providing access to information; clause 8 e provides some immunity to the defence forces [5]. Most of the time it depends on the political climate in the country.


Pakistan has chosen to procure from countries where there are no risk of disruptions from sanctions resulting in many contracts issued to China, Russia. Does the country have an openly stated and actively implemented anti-corruption policy for the defence sector?

Other criticisms against the MoD: Any reliance you may place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Do defence and security institutions have a policy, or evidence, of openness towards civil society organisations CSOs when dealing with issues of corruption? The PPRA Rules provide a common legal framework to all the procuring entities at the federal level. Legislators are not provided audit reports on secret items.

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The Army Act does not address this either [4]. Is there evidence that breaches of the Code of Conduct are effectively addressed ,and are the results of prosecutions made publicly available?

There are fixed rules and examinations for promotions [1] and there is an Army Promotion Board that approves promotions [2]. No information is made public.