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However, Sony does plan to and into the second half of 2021, so you may have a better shot at buying one before this holiday season " The widespread semiconductor shortage has affected console production and graphics cards as well as numerous other industries, including the auto industry
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But it's when we compare the Samsung 870 QVO results between the two generations that we see the gaps close up.

There seems to be a limit to how fast PS4 back-combat titles load on PS5 regardless of drive - and a SATA SSD maxes this out well enough
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USB extended storage on PlayStation®5 consoles US
Loading Times Seconds PS5 Internal SSD Samsung 870 QVO SATA Samsung 980 Pro NVMe Seagate 5TB Ext HDD Battlefield 5: Nordlys 29
Familiar features: The DualSense wireless controller retains many DUALSHOCK 4 features, returning for a new generation of play When will PS5 stock stabilize? PS5 restocks at Target Target's most recent restock was on July 12, though availability varied based on your local store
Breathtaking Immersion - Discover a deeper gaming experience with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D Audio technology Of course, we're due for a full PS5 upgrade for Final Fantasy 7 Remake soon which aims to boost texture quality all round, and to add other features, so hopefully NPC pop-in can be fixed too

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There does seem to be a read speed cap in effect, meaning that NVMe offers no discernible speed increase over SATA.

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"We see production ramping up over the summer and certainly into the second half of the year, and we would hope to see some sort of return to normality in terms of the balance between supply and demand during that period," Ryan said
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Despite all of the challenges, buying a PS5 in 2021 isn't impossible, but rather a game of persistence and knowing where to look