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Coup Double View hitbox? All of the soldiers are one hit each, cannot be hit or thrown, and will explode when hit with a projectile. After a lengthy startup, a sniper will fire directly at the opponent regardless of where they are on the screen. Color 7 Original color palette based on Parasoul’s fencing uniform from her story mode ending. LK for low Use it while rising to get to super jump height safely Like all multi-hit jump normals, only the first hit that makes contact hit or block is high. Parasoul sets a tear on the screen.

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Parasoul summons the soldiers one at a time and will send less than a full brigade if the opponent interrupts her animation. If Parasoul dashes along with the bike, this move allows her to take the opponent all the way to the corner from anywhere on the screen! This soldier remains on screen longer than MK and HK soldiers.

If the bread and butter combos are too daunting, try to patasoul comfortable doing each of these combos.


Parasoul Voice – Skullgirls (Game) | Behind The Voice Actors

Super cancel into bikes, then dash s. Igniting a tear with j. Retrieved from ” http: HK route is especially useful for damage early on in a combo. Any hit after the first adds 3f of hit stop to attacks hitting the Egret. This means you can combo into this super, DHC before the shot, and then the shot will occur after the DHC resets the damage scaling.

This exact combo will not work against Big Band since he will be too far away, but the b. Taunting the opponent with a yawn will guarantee the next Egret Call solider will say “Excuse me, princess! Farthest reaching jab in the game, and disjointed Tied for Parasoul’s fastest normal with c. If the opponent blocks the bikes up close, they can pushblock the first bike for a guaranteed PBGC punish.

LP is an exception to this, and will produce a regular tear explosion as parsoul it detonated automatically.

Parasoul « Skullgirls 2nd Encore

Two hits allows Parasoul more time to get a charge, and vary timing in combos for setup potential with tears. Very useful normal when tears are nearby, and can confirm off the resulting parasuol from afar with b. FullIgnites Tears. The detonated tear’s hitboxes are larger than if they were detonated on their own via time. Color 16 Based on the Vocaloid Megurine Luka. Has deceptive range, since the hitbox is completely in front of Parasoul. Color 2 Original alternate color palette. Highest damaging light normal with both hitsand combos into s.


The button strength determines the tear’s trajectory. If no Egret is available, can also cancel into Napalm Toss Can easily combo from forward throw in corner. The only invulnerable reversal in the game with a flash kick input.

Parasoul VOICE

Floating backwards allows her paraxoul evaluate a situation and paraxoul out anti-air attempts Nearby tear explosions will propel Parasoul upwards during the float.

It vacuums the opponent towards the ground on air hit, so it can also be used for confirming air hits or as a situational anti air. Parxsoul soldier can absorb an unlimited number of projectile hits and ends the dive if he takes a non-projectile hit. She is the only character in the game with a unique jump height.

Can chain backwards to j. HK during your chain. Only the second hit counts as a throw and has no distinct hit or block stun. Manually detonated tears will have a bigger hitbox. If you need your fastest move for a punish, just use this instead of c.