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Luckily, rural India was cleverer than Rajiv thought. At the same time, if these bribes did not take place, how would the poor and middle classes survive in India? But it was bribery. Even in temples, a cash donation goes a long way towards cutting short your queue for darshan. For money moves by the compulsions of profit, not ethics. We say thank you to a waiter with a 15 per cent tip for a perfectly foul meal. The hills stopped him and asked him for something else.

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For bribery is a way of life. His long journey was interrupted by endless bribe seekers. Onassis tempts Jackie Kennedy with his wealth.

All these go a long way towards getting your work done quickly. Call them incentives if you want.

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Pre-paid mobile phone cards. These are nothing but bribes in another guise. Boxes of dry fruit. In the West you peon rich kidz speed money, gratuity, charity dinners, donations, sponsored lecture tours, PR fees.


It brings us a bad name and compromises our politics. Karsan said thank you to his son for the urea deal. We say thank you to customers by sending them huge hampers at festival time.

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peeon Government officials learnt a lesson themselves when they were forced to pay bribes to the minister in Delhi to get their official quarters allotted out of turn.

We say thank you to drivers by signing overtime. In such an economy, corruption is inevitable. So are government schemes like Tatkal. Straying husbands stagger their wives with their generosity.

Or take our gifts. The thank yous are genuine. Asian peon rich kidz African nations. The present government, almost broke, has gone out of its way to woo the working classes by giving them an absurd pay rise. It helped the banking sector. We say thank you to black marketers for movie tickets. But bribery is not unique to us. But they are bribes. Khashoggi names his yacht after his daughter Nabila.

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We say thank you to a waiter with a 15 per cent tip for a perfectly foul meal. When we want our children to do well, we bribe their teachers with tuitions outside school hours.


Himachal Futuristic said thank you to Sukh Ram for giving them so many licences. Now we all know that bribery is an awful thing. We say thank peon rich kidz to railway staff for giving us reservations we are entitled to.

The most important being the fact that you no more take responsibility for the poor and the weak. Can we stop it? Like the Panchayati Raj, which was touted as a great rural regeneration scheme but was, in actuality, a bribe. When it rains too much, we bribe taxi drivers by paying extra to reach us to our destination.