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This version contains just one modification – in PBAB87 concrete design, slenderness limit for ignore of buckling effects for moveable model is set to Instead of diagram, unique values for desired forces are displayed. Tower 8 Build Lite [ SNIP codes – changed algorithm for calculation of stirrups. The most important changes in this Build are: Beside those changes, this Build contains a few fixes and small improvements. This kind of export will be executed instead of standard export when ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Shift’ are pressed simultaneously.

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Tower 7 Registered users of Tower 7 can get the newest version here. Beside that, this Build contains several bug-fixes reported earlier. The use of the radimpex tower 5.5 software technologies has resulted in innumerable benefits such as user-friendly programs, fast data search and retrieval, easy ravimpex formatting and user freedom in preparation for printing. This version contains one correction in calculation of fissures and one minor correction related with reinforcement addopting in “I” and “T” sections designed with reinforced scheme No 2.

About NormaBase

This is more detailed list of new features in Build The most important new features in this Build are — export of bars specification to BVBS format, option for adjusting readability convention of texts and harmonization of order in mesh recapitulation and cutting plan with order in mesh types database New branch of ArmCAD 6 compatible with AutoCAD is marked as “A19” and is available in bit release only.

Dimensioning the concrete sections in accordance with PBAB is incorporated in this version. This certificate is valid thru November 30, Tower 8 Build Lite [ Free, functional Radimpex tower 5.5 is available for download.


This version has no new functionality but contains several minor bug fixes and a number of optimizations and internal improvements. Radimpex Software in cooperation with Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade, organizing presentation of program Tower 6.

This version contains one correction in algorithm for generation of meshes 5.55 plan.


This is a brand new program which, as towet follow-up of the NormaBase program, is making a large advance in functionality, data protection, performance and data exchange with other 55.5.

This version contains solutions for several problems or requests reported from our users: Tower 7 Build Lite radimpdx Tower 6 Registered users of Tower 6 can get the newest version here.

The Migration page is radimpex tower 5.5 to users of Tower 5, for quick and easy migration to Version 6. Contact our nearest representative for information about purchasing or upgrading. We expect the new version of the program with all these novelties to be released by the end of the August There is more detailed list of new features towef this Build: The most important changes are related with improvement radimpex tower 5.5 algorithm for taking into account II order influences in EC8 Capacity Design for beams snd column design.

The DEMO program has the same functionality as professional version – structural analysis theory I and IIstability analysis, modal analysis and seismic analysis – but it is limited to node models.

About : Radimpex Software

Beside this chang, this Build contains a few fixes and small improvements. This version contains several modifications and changes – the most important are: Enabled modeling of connection along two non intersected lines beam with beam, beam with plate, plate with plate The most important changes are related with improvement in algorithm for calculation of column radimpex tower 5.5 effects in EC2 concrete design and some new functionality in concrete design of beams and columns according to EC8 Capacity Design Beside those changes, this Build contains a few fixes and small improvements.


Except that, several improvements, changes and corrections suggested or reported by users, have been implemented, such as: The most important new features are: Speed menu button is placed at the beginning of the command line. Fixed problem with “AltGr” key. To set the target radimpex tower 5.5 of program ArmCAD or for export, use the command ‘Functionality’. This is the more detailed list of main new features in Tower 7 Build This modification will decrease the majority of reported problems with menus and tool bars.

Beside that, this version contains numerous improvements, optimizations and bug-fixes. Beside that, it contains significant number of minor changes and improvements related with slab punching, steel and timber design radimpex tower 5.5 analysis of moveable load, along with certain number of corrections previously reported errors. EC and SIA codes – changed algorithm for calculation of shearing area for I and [ sections; algorithm for stress control improved.