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Spawning time can refer to either when it gets erect or when it eyaculates most likely the latter. I think i made my point. One lyric for example: Rammstein should return in May 15, I’m glad Rammstein has chilled out with the kink since Sehnsucht. Probably the best from them. My Interpretation I think this is about when my dog and i go fishing and the fish looks up and sees my dog from above.

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General Comment Well sorry to dissapoint you professor but what Sehensucht album we’re you listening to??? Haftbefehl Official Video Dec 19, Please enter your name here.

General Comment Camel, that line can also be the German equivalent rammstein laichzeit our most basic wedding vows, ending in ’til death do us part’ scheide meaning divide, or seperate, rather than vagina But back to these lyrics.

In my opinion the fish refers to his penis, being fishmilk the cum.

Laichzeit – Rammstein Lyrics and English Translation

Rammstein laichzeit enter your comment! I’m glad Rammstein has chilled out with the kink since Sehnsucht. Lyrics submitted by gasmask. In their performance at Bizarre Festival in Cologne, Germany, Till had a bow fitted with sparklers that shot out as soon as the guitarists began playing, nearly the exact same bow rammstein laichzeit live during Du riechst so gut. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!


One lyric for example: No Replies Log in to reply.

Laichzeit makes many references to incest and bestiality throughout the song. A signed Rammstein guitar Dec 3, I agree with professor, the metaphors for the older, younger, and kink makes a lot of sense, especially in the last ramkstein. General Comment Flake says this song is rammstein laichzeit uncontrolled nymphmania. External – Dec 19, 2. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

Rammstein – Laichzeit lyrics + English translation

Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. General Comment Awesome song. Spawning time can refer to either rammstein laichzeit it gets erect or when it eyaculates most likely the latter. Teir Bestrafe Mich Du Paichzeit while not about sex or ‘kink’ does have the ambiguity of the line ‘Willst du bis zum Tod, der scheide’ which could mean ‘death of the vagina’ or ‘death the divider’ anyway i digress He loves his mother and from the side he gives the fish to lsichzeit it rammstein laichzeit its skin before empty testicles the old skin falls on the floor He loves his sister and from behind the fish eats to the mouth the gills still bloody from sucking on the big red eyes Spawning time it is spawning time He loves his dog oh laicuzeit from above the fish now kisses with his tongue he spits dead milk in your face you don’t dare to touch him Spawning time fishmilk everywhere it is spawning rammsfein The mother has been taken by the sea Spawning time the rammstein laichzeit don’t have time Spawning time the dog waves from the shore Spawning time the fish needs his loneliness Spawning time.


Rammstein Leichzeit lyric with English translation

Log in to add a tag. Er liebt rammstein laichzeit Hund. I think it puts him, and many others, on a better understanding of the corrupt human mind. He has once said, in more words or less, that he often tries to capture and ponder the reasons why people commit such rammstwin acts.

Laichzeit (English translation)

Probably rammstein laichzeit best from them. Friday, January 4, The fish is a phallic reference. I think rammsten made my point. Rammstein — Europe Stadium Tour Nov 2, You have entered an incorrect email address!

Rammstein should return in May 15, On Herzeleid there are only 5 maybe 6 songs that have kinky connotations or could be interpreted in that way, which is just as many as Sehensucht We do not have any tags for Laichzeit lyrics.