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It is recommended to store them in a Magic Bottle for timely use. A point that was not enjoyable is the total lack of informative tooltips. Moderator , Jun 16, But the map has a good description from the beginning wich is rare in the pending section these days and AI. Feb 6, Messages:

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I noticed the Mud Golem, a magic immune creep which does not get damaged by Raze. It’s also unfair to be killed when spawning due to spawning near multiple enemies. See Valve’s statement regarding the use of their content in other areas. Apr shadowrraze, Messages: FluxJun 17, I strongly recommend implementing them minimum 5 I suggest.

Your name or email address: The items in the shop qars expensive, and why does killing a Hero gives no gold. SclammerzJun 17, A little concern is using river rushes and cattails around the trees. In my first game, I didn’t go for neutral creeps, I just go and kill every SF I found and level gapped all of them I’m level 10 and they are 3 to 4 but still I’m the only one without dagger. Dont know if uploaded shadowraze wars ai 9.3 you. The next issue is that your game is totally not noob-friendly or instructive.


Shadowraze Wars AI – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Map Moderated – Pudge Hook wars v2. Your name or email address: Hi, though Ardenian already reviewed it. Here is a list of some additional issues with their solutions you may find optional ones though.

It feels very simple at its current stage, but it does not mean it does not offer interesting PvP action.

Shadowraze Wars 9.3 Download

I myself don’t think that consumables are a necessars thing for approval. Eventually, the map requires several improvements and much wras work to reach an approvable state.

WhiteFangDec 27, SylvieFeb 10, wzrs The only criticism in relation to the AI is that you didn’t state whether they have difficulties or not. Map Testers and Important Bug Finders: StoPCampinGn00bFeb 14, The creep groups seem random in race, you could think about adding uniform groups, like only trolls instead of a mix of trolls, ogres and murlocs.

Players start with 2 Abilities Meat Hook and Dismember. Log in or Sign up.


SF War v1.5 AI 1.3d

The Change Log is okay, nothing to say since you follow the rules. Do I have to type something to set the kills for victory? I find the Raze’s Cast Shadowraze wars ai 9.3 and Range the same as Dota 2 which is shadowrazf good thing so that players can use your map as a practice. Lacky – for finding critical bugs and tool tip errors VoicelessDuck – for being a Map Tester before the Map Release and finding bugs as well Love Seeker – for finding critical bugs Video: Your bb code at the top doesn’t work.

Please review the rules here. It is almost never a good idea not to use all the tiles available because more variation usually implicates a better terrain.