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You can feel the vibes listening to this. After which Ulaganathan and Annamalai are married. This song and its lyrics are too intense. This one briefly became a much-adored lullaby. If a melody could spook you to your spine, it has to be this one.

sivaiah serial song

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Sun TV television series Tamil-language television soap operas Tamil Nadu drama television series Tamil-language television series debuts s Tamil-language television series Tamil-language television programs Tamil-language television series endings.

Directed by Rajamouli, this serial has introduced many young talents. It was written by famous lyricist Vairamuthu.

18 Telugu Serial Title Tracks That Will Take You On A Trip Down The Memory Lane!

Somehow, even after so long the lyrics played perfectly in the head. ChithraKK and M.

sivaiah serial song

Every serial from Just Yellow production is unique in its own style. This article contains Tamil script.

Sivayya Serial Title Song Download – simlittle

Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks or boxesmisplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Tamil script. Using this opportunity, Gandhimadhi demands the Pattalathar’s family to transfer the property deeds of the Annamalaiyar temple to her family after which Ulaganathan will marry Annamalai. Sun Singer Vanakkam Tamizha. Here are some title tracks of TV shows that we felt stayed with us slng all these years.


Then the serial takes a turn when a murder occurs in their village and with schemes of Paarkavi who is the servant of Ghandimadhi, Annamalai faces a series of hurdles skvaiah problems, but still loves and cares for her family.

And without knowing when, it did somehow become an in-erasable part of our memories. Soothy song in the voice of RP Patnaiks sir. This is one of the long run serial in Telugu TV history. It was sung by K. It is currently headed by Pattalathar Ammaiyappa and Gandhimadhi of the Rathnagiri family. But in a good way. You can feel the vibes listening to this.

The show’s episodes were released on Ssrial channel Radaan Media sivaiag Actor Prabhakars directorial venture. Amrutham stopped airing 8 years ago.

No one can match him in delivering the pain through sivauah song. This song and its lyrics are too intense. The story involves the long-term dispute between the two families who are considered as rivals for the ownership of Alvarkuruhi’s Annamalaiyar temple for many generations.


That title song though!! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bhaskar and Sundar K.

sivaiah serial song

The story later portrays as to how she acts zong an important character in building a bridge and ending all the misunderstandings the two families have had between them. The Show was also broadcast internationally on Channel’s international distribution. The series ended with episodes.

sivaiah serial song

Thavasi the eldest son of Patalathar is the one who holds the deeds of the Annamalaiyar temple. Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 27 Septemberat Baskar Sundar K.