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He was rising to stardom, when his career was abruptly halted by his arrest due to a gun and cannabis possession. Afieroma ston Strato Dionisiou CD 3. I hrisi dekaetia tou ’60 CD2. Kane kardia mou mia strofi CD1. Ta tragoudia mou CD3. Ta kalokerina 4 – 16 Tragoudia drosias. Fones tou laikou tragoudiou Vol.

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Angelos, Tasoula, Stelios and Diamantis. He was repeatedly honored by gold and platinum disks, and with his composition The Road stratos dionisiou discography verses by Lefteris Papadopoulos- there is no doubt that he is one of the highest selling artists in Greek Discography.

Today, orchestras from all over the world, famous musicians and singers play his songs worldwide. He was a young pianist, when he was honored with the first music award from the Minesota University on Hrisi diskothiki CD 2.

Horos st’ asteria CD2. I don’t accept the terms of use I accept the terms of use.

Concert Stelios Dionisiou

O laos tragoudi theli. In the 50s, he did his doctoral dissertation at Cornell University in New York on the protein myelin, a protein believed to be important in the process of myelination of nerves in the central nervous system CNS whose stratos dionisiou discography of which is directly associated with Muscular Distrophy MS. To alfavitari tis zois mou CD 3. The big extent of his voice, his hoarseness, the possibility of change of his expression and style depending on the subject of song, were something unprecedented.


He has directed the dioniisou renowned orchestras of the world, and has repeatedly earned Gold and Platinum records, i. Stin igia mas CD1.

Ta istorika zeimbekika tis Minos CD3. He appeared in Nikaia night club “Asteras” with well-established singer Kaity Grey and in recorded his first song. Elliniki anagennisi, Box 4 CD4. He signs with the music company “Columbia. Otan ta tzouk box pezane laika CD 3. Venzinadiko Alkistis Protopsalti 1.

Plessas Mimis – Biography – Explore Hellas

Much of his music has its root in theatrical music. Ti Se Mellei Esena Glykeria 1. Christmas tree lighting in Chloraka Christmas at Chlorakas Square. Ta tragoudia mou CD3. Enas diskos i zoi tou CD 5. Mia strofi akoma CD3. Ston Apostolo me agapi. Hrisi diskothiki CD 1. Geitonaki Mou Giannis Poulopoulos 1. Ta tragoudia mou CD1. At this point he appeared with well establised Kaity Grey. However success came when he stratos dionisiou discography several Akis Panos songs stratoz hits.


I Ellada tragoudai No 9. Aside from being a great musician, Plessas is also stratos dionisiou discography chemistry graduate. He was born on Salamis Island. Ta tragoudia tou ellinikou kinimatografou – CD 3. Ego kala sou ta lega – Ta profani No2 Ihografisis Ta pedia tou Pirea from “Pote tin Kiraki” feat.