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Valex’s Magical 4-Arrow Adventure 5 File: Morgan Van Dam Undefined Fantastic Original Simfiles File: Up to the higher level directory Amaterasky Bad Apple!! Xoon Pad Pack 3 File: Mandodo’s Summer Treats 2 File:

tricky disco simfile

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Xoon Pad Pack File: The Expert is basically a translated version of the singles Expert, while the Hard is a completely different spin on the song. Trotmania Rhythm is Magic File: Do not play this song without playing it in Stepmania first! Only My Railgun In trying to do this, we ended up with ttricky experimental files, some more straightforward files, and some files that may or may not blow your mind.

tricky disco simfile

Despite their identical rating disc, the two charts are very different. I’ll probably download the pack soon, i don’t have the time right now, but is it possible to make a list of songs?

Kung Fu Rider Originally Posted by sssmsm The r21 12 pack r is the result of over two months of work by the staff and members over at r21freak.


[EOP] Tricky Disco – OverHell EXoduz’ Collection Pack – Simfiles – ZIv

Pump It Up Zero File: R21 12 Pack ub3r s3xy stuff dnlding nao! Battle With Red For those of you who want to wait a day or two, Megaupload allows files upto MB.

tricky disco simfile

Valex’s Magical 4-Arrow Adventure 3 File: R21 12 Pack Quoted from R21freak. I also mixed and matched songs in random folders to keep certain ones under MB. Once you “get” some of the more complicated ones, I can guarantee you an ITG experience like no other.

I can upload them if anyone wants. Sifmile Sims X File: The Smile Of You Fallin’ in LUV The Hard is one of my favorite doubles charts, it’s an easier version of the Expert with a few cool ideas of its own. Up to the higher level directory A Brighter Day aftershock!!

tricky disco simfile

Survival Games -instrumental- If you’re into spins, check out the Medium chart. We Love Noise Finale File: Again, if you love spins, the Medium is for you.


Get ready to hit some “crossover hands”. I believe aimfile song sets the record for the longest “stop-run. This pretty much took an entire day out of my summer even though I was doing it for a friend of mineso it would be nice if you could simffile on the forum so I know that somebody used it.

Tengoku to jigoku Alpha Zet Collab Pack File: They also include a wide range of difficulties. A rare genre to have good tracks and one of the first songs created for the pack.

The Trcky chart uses hands like never before, even having a section of “jump-hands” a la step-jumps that will have you coming back for more and more.