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wallpapers are free to get. but sometimes you cannot even find them. because there are too many bullshit websites that cannot give you actual wallpaper to download. but we are different. so please, be our guest.



Tee – Fjalt E Pavdekshme 8 years ago. Pristine 7 years ago. Also mentioned was the spring issue of Self Aware Zine. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Lumi B x Dafina – Kalon 5 months ago.

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Unikkatil 2 years ago. Klepto 6 years ago. Unikkatil – Kaj ft. Unikkatil – Jam katil Lyrics 2 years ago. Klepto 5 months ago. This will be our 6th issue so be excited.

unikkatil dostat e vertet Unikkatil – Fryhna “lyrics” 6 years ago. We currently wrapping up our first release for which is the final recorded output unikkatol Meth Mountain before their breakup early this year. Unikkatil – Pak Urti ft. Unikkatil – kurgjo gratis me tekst 6 years ago. The Bloody Alboz 7 years ago. The site is still under construction but I felt the need to elaborate on a couple things that I mentioned in the last post. Unikkatil – N’rrot T’soms ft. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.


UniKKatil- T.B.A – Google+

On the aforementioned band, Bandname, we will be releasing their debut LP which is tentatively entitled, “Breakfast. Unikkatil – Veq edhe niher 10 years ago. Unikkatil – Shota Lyrics 8 years ago. Unikkatil dostat e vertet – Shuj feat. We can also be followed on facebook and myspace if that makes you feel any better. Unikkatil – Shihemi Nperkujtime 7 years ago. In the time being we’ve been working on the new zine, our 7th issue, and talking about the future.

Unikkatil Degjohet edhe ne Dubai dosttat months ago. We are currently wrapping up a late spring edition of the zine and are slowly working on releasing a tape and what will be Self Aware’s first LP!!!

Felon Records – Nese nina vet (HIT )

Unikkatil – Vetbesim Lyric Video 5 years ago. We have been chatting with Charlotte, NC, locals, Unikkatil dostat e vertet members of Wretched, Harvardabout doing an unorthodox release. Mozzik – Pa Pa prod. We are working on making download cards for band for super cheap so if it all works out then you might doshat a Self-Aware download card in the Bandname LP. Jeton Lyric Video 5 years ago.


Unikkatil – A Pe Sheh ft. Unikkatil – U Qova Pi Vorri 5 years ago.

dostwt The issue will feature interviews with Raein, Make Do and Mend and also feature shorter pieces on Algernon Cadwallader and Philadelphia’s own, Bandname among a slew of reviews and interesting tidbits.

Unikkatil Shota Lyrics 2 years ago. Unikkatil – Njerzt Harrojn Lyrics 7 years ago. Pristine 7 years ago. A – Tu kacafyt me jet me tekst 6 years ago.